I want to start by saying that I could not be more excited or honored to be part of such a powerful and dynamic group of women. I already have a sense of the impending impact that they will have on my life. When I toured Duke for the first time as a junior in high school, my tour guide was a Baldwin Scholar. As soon as she described the program to me, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I can’t believe I am finally here at Duke and a Baldwin Scholar as well!

I am currently planning to major in psychology, complete the Child Policy certificate and potentially minor in education. I am fascinated by the way people think, their interactions, and their motivations. I am also interested in educational policy and have been fortunate to have worked on various committees in the past that have combined my interests in psychology and educational policy. I am currently working in an educational psychology research lab at Duke and I will be participating in a Duke Engage program focused on educational policy this summer. I hope to do more work in this field in the future.

When I first arrived at Duke, I tried to get involved in as many activities as possible. In addition to the Baldwin program, I am a tour guide, on the Family Relations team of Duke Dance Marathon, on the Jewish Student Union Freshman Council, and a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. I love to dance and go to concerts and hang out with friends and family. Additionally, I am undoubtedly a Cameron Crazie.

I am an extremely passionate individual and that passion translates into everything I do. It can be easily recognized in my obsession with Justin Timberlake, my love for Duke basketball and my academic and extracurricular pursuits. This characteristic is also one of the major reasons why I wanted to come to Duke. Duke is a university that embodies passion and spirit, be it in the academic, athletic or extracurricular arena. Duke students are passionate about everything they do and my classmates motivate me each and every day. There is certainly no shortage of passion within the Baldwin Scholars community and I cannot wait to learn about other people’s passions and explore my own passions as part of such a supportive and exciting group!