5. 6. 7. 8. BRING THE BEAT IN! No, you are not at a dance studio or a Beyonce concert. This is just something you would often hear me say as I come up with or learn choreography... or enthusiastically sing Beyonce's "Love on Top." The world of music and hip hop dance has been an important part of my life since a child. Because my dad was in the military, we moved around quite a lot, but my mom constantly played her favorite R&B jams, so music and dance was a very consistent thing in my life. Music of all types. R&B, alternative, conscious, and even religious. Every Sunday, I remember going to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses and learning new songs to praise and glorify God. I still attend these uplifiting worship services today. Essentially, music and dance has shaped a lot of who I am and my passions. So one may wonder why I am pursuing a Biomedical Engineering degree at Duke University.

Well, along with music, science and mathematics has intrigued me ever since I was in middle school motivating me to compete in mathematic and robotic competitions. My involvement in the world of math and science on such an elementary level inspired me. Seeing all of the wonders that had been created to help people - specifically the ill -  made me want to do my part to be a part of the amazing progress that has been made in the world of biomedical engineering. Ever since attending Duke, my specific goal has not become clearer because my perspective has been broadened so much. The possibilities are endless as to what I may do with my future in the world of biomedical engineering. But my middle school dreams still remain. I know I want to help people with the tools of math and science.

My Duke experience has certainly been a blessing to me. Being selected as a Baldwin scholar is the main highlight of this journey. I feel honored to be amongst such talented and hard working women. Just in my few moments of interaction with these scholars, I have been inspired by their tenacity to make a difference for women on both local and global scales. I am so ready to be a part of the growth and progress that Baldwin scholars will make in this world. In addition to being a Baldwin Scholar, I have joined the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). I have been able to serve as a Membership Chairperson on the committee helping to encourage more participation from members of NSBE. This organization encouraged me to keep striving for greatness in my work ethic to become the best engineer I can be. As mentioned earlier, one of my keystone passions is dance, and I was so thrilled to find an urban dance team on campus called StreetMed! The supportive and extremely fun environment that StreetMed has developed is an experience that I will never forget. This group of talented and unique individuals motivate me every day to live life boldly.

I am very excited to see what awaits me and the other Baldwin Scholars!