Anita Pai graduated from Duke in 2008 with a degree in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy (now Evolutionary Anthropology).  She was a frequent inhabitant of Perkins Library, completing two independent study projects and keeping her head well above water in Physics.  She presented her research at the North Carolina Undergraduate Research Symposium in 2005 and the National Undergraduate Research Symposium in 2006.

Anita also studied elephant foot mechanics at the Royal Veterinary College in London one summer.

Anita is a classically trained Bharatanatyam dancer and performed in the AWAAZ cultural show at Duke.

She is fondly remembered for her complete inability to finish a sentence.  Anita’s brain always moved on to more exciting thoughts before her mouth could catch up!

Anita is our very first Baldwin physician.  She graduated from Vanderbilt medical school in 2012 and has begun her pediatrics residency at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.   

Anita explains, “It is a large (and very busy) free-standing children's hospital in Hollywood, filled with medically complex patients-- I know I will learn a lot! The program director for my residency is fabulous-- he and the other faculty members really emphasize resident mentoring and education. The residents that I met were amazing child advocates and did a lot of work for underserved communities. The hospital also has a strong Gastroenterology/Hepatology department, with an awesome pediatric liver transplant (which I want to go into) program, so I'm looking forward to learning from those faculty members.”