A Swiss international student, I am a rising senior at Duke, study Economics and Neuroscience and am very involved with the Investment Club and Duke Venture Forward. Going into finance in the short run (sophomore & junior summer internships in Morgan Stanley's investment banking division), I am looking to find ways of linking finance and sustainability in the long run.

Most of what I do at Duke is focused on understanding incentives and motivations. I wish to comprehend what it is that drives decision-making and then find a way to incorporate this into the financial markets to find more optimal socioeconomic applications of those markets. My academic studies in Economics and Neuroscience greatly help me in this striving. 

Baldwin to me is a fantastic opportunity to meet other women who seek to not only achieve, but do so in a holistic manner, a manner that recognizes that it is not about being perceived as an effortlessly successful individual, but rather about finding personal satisfaction and integrity.