Hello there! I hail from the widely-regarded frozen hell of America—the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I come to Duke with a love for pond hockey, a proclaimed Minnesotan accent that I’m quite certain I don’t have (ask me to pronounce “bag” and I will explain why), and a newfound appreciation for these southern “winters”.

I would describe myself as optimistically inclined and pessimistically driven. I generally consider myself a humble person, except when it comes to my handwriting—which is utterly, mind-blowingly, fantastic. I love traveling, and have an obsession with using public transportation because it makes me feel uber-efficient. Back home, I have a little brother who is seven years younger than me and two cats that I miss a lot.

I spent my last summer in Tanzania as a part of the Engineering World Health Program through Duke Engage. I worked at local hospitals and fixed medical machinery whilst learning a great deal about the developing world and design as an engineer. I really enjoyed my experience and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in global health, engineering, or both!

I also spent a semester abroad at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. Back at Duke I am a double major in Biomedical and Electrical/Computer Engineering. I am an editor for the DukEngineer Magazine and involved with advising students as a Career Ambassador.

Feel free to contact me at awx2@duke.edu if you have any questions about Baldwin, extracurriculars, academics or anything else you could possibly imagine. I assure you I will be very happy to answer :)