My name is Allison Dorogi and I am proud to say I am a recent graduate of Duke University! I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Program II. My major title was "The Philosophical and Policy Implications of Personalized and Genomic Medicine". I am fascinated by the intersection of science with policy and philosophy and have developed a passion for genomic medicine, mobile and digital health as well as precision medicine more generally. At Duke, I performed epigenetic research on cardiovascular tissue, led a research study of Lynch Syndrome patients in order to determine their informational needs regarding genetic counseling and to develop better avenues to educate patients on genetic screening, and presented to members of the Senate and FDA on the FDA regulation of Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) through my Senior Capstone. These experiences have broadened my academic passion, deepened my love of science, and opened my eyes to all the ways in which we--and our society--are influenced by new medical therapies and technologies.

Music is my main passion outside of the classroom. At Duke, I led the all female acapella group "Out of the Blue" as music director and helped release 2 professional quality albums. Runway won runner-up for Best All-Female Collegiate Album in the nation and our new album is set to release during fall 2016! Check us out on iTunes and Spotify! I also performed with Hoof 'n' Horn and had the pleasure of playing the role of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde during my Senior spring. I was also an active member of CAPE (Collegiate Athlete Premedical Experience), Kappa Alpha Theta sorority (Chief Panhellenic Officer) and women's travel club tennis (treasurer).

I am excited to announce that I will be starting at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine as a member of their Class of 2019! I am thrilled to be returning to Ohio and to start this exciting new chapter of my life!! Thanks to Baldwin Scholars for being such an incredible and transformative part of my Duke experience and for helping prepare me for medical school and beyond!