Hello! My name is Alice, and I am so happy to be a Baldwin Scholar.

A little bit about myself: I was born in Beijing but moved to Singapore, Bangkok, and spent the last decade in Shanghai. Even though I moved around quite a bit, what always kept me feeling grounded was art. Growing up on the shyer side, things like painting or even doodling served as my outlets (I am always down to go museum-hopping or make giant mugs at the Arts Annex). Besides art, I also love staying active—whether that be playing volleyball on the quad or just going on a nice jog.

Apart from being a scholar, I’m also excited to serve as Duke’s Partnership for Service Assistant Director for Communication and Outreach as well as DuArts VP of Collaboration. In terms of my major…I’m leaning towards neuroscience, but I am keeping an open mind.

I remember going to a Baldwin info session and hearing current scholars talk about their struggles with feeling confident; the amount of vulnerability and transparency I saw was what drew me to this program. I’ve struggled a lot with self-image in high school and often based my worth on my achievements or what other people said about me. Even though it pushed me to accomplish science research projects and leadership positions that I’m proud of, I didn’t have a healthy mindset. Through Baldwin, I’m excited to develop a more nuanced perspective and understand why I used to (and sometimes still) think this way.