My name is Alexis Oparah and I’m from McDonough GA. I love God and my family and OF COURSE my new AMAZING Baldwin family. :]

I’m on the Pre-med track, and plan to major in neuroscience. I find the mind pretty interesting, and have the numbers, names, emails and addresses of EVERY academic resource Duke has to offer so success is assured (any additional crossed fingers wouldn’t hurt)!

I’m happiest when there’s food in my hand, music in my ears, and a crowd of happy people around [I’m quite easy to please].

I write when I’m bored and have perfected the art of the “power nap.” I watch infomercials at night and can make a song or joke about absolutely anything. I have gone through my fair share of piercings (ears, lip &nose) and can make sweatpants look "business casual." I spend hours in vintage record stores and love kids. I’m a Diet coke and Lipton citrus green tea fanatic. I’m tall and I don't play basketball. I have panic attacks during games of "rock-paper-scissors" where something is on the line & making people laugh is a hobby.

In only one semester, the Baldwin Scholars Program has taught me how to save money, understand our species, dance like no other, remain confident in all situations and value both myself and others. I’ve met numerous people who have acted as inspirations and reinforced my goals and aspirations. My fellow scholars have already become close friends and I can only imagine what is to come. I’m just extremely blessed to be a part of this program.

I don’t have a favorite quote, but over the years I’ve realized that my faith in God and myself has lead me to where I am and will be responsible for where I end up. So, keep the faith.