I’m from Metairie, La., a suburb of New Orleans, where I have lived my whole life. At Duke, my interests varied, and they still do. I love everything from Biology to Art History to Classical Studies. While at Duke, I spent a semester in Rome studying Art History and Italian Language, and I spent a summer working as an intern at the New Orleans Museum of Art. I also sang in the Duke University Chapel Choir. I'm a huge sci-fi junkie and an unrepentant dog worshiper.

During my second two years at Duke, my interests shifted strongly towards Biology and healthcare. Since graduating, I have returned home and gotten certified as an EMT-Basic. Next year I will be attending medical school. I wish classes started tomorrow.

I am incredibly proud to be a part of the Baldwin family. In joining, I hoped to find a group of intelligent, passionate, and warm women, and that is exactly what I found. Baldwin connected me to people and ideas that I might not otherwise sought out, and my life is richer for it.