Hi all, My name is Adela Yuxuan Guo, and I am so honored to join Baldwin and become a part of our amazing and inspiring community. It was definitely the best decision I've made during my Duke career. 

I grew up in Henan, a populous inland province in China. As a member of the class of 2023, I graduated from Duke University with BAs in Political Science and Psychology. I am passionate about gender-related policy and social intervention, especially reproductive justice, period de-stigmatization, and domestic and gender violence prevention. Soon after, I'll be pursuing a master's degree in Comparative Social Policy from Oxford University in the UK.
At Duke, I raised awareness of menstrual inequity and poverty throughout my years working for Progress.Period. We raised donations each year for women’s shelters in the Durham community and extended what we have at Duke to our local communities. I also participate in Taekwondo (love sparring and fighting!), Women in Politics, and some grassroots organizing with other queer feminists in the triangle area. What I’m most proud of is my Baldwin family. We are always there for each other through thick and thin, and we build special connections and long-term friendships. 
Now that I've graduated and become a lot more self-aware, I can confidently say how Baldwin lifted me up and made me a better human being. Baldwin taught me vulnerability, resilience, and showed me amazing support and love from other women. I am so grateful to be part of this family, and I look forward to keeping learning from y'all. Sending an ocean of love to all of you.