My name is Addison (Addie) Malone. I am very honored and excited to have been selected as a Class of 2015 Baldwin Scholar. Strong women have shaped me into who I am today and, as a Baldwin, I look forward to the personal and cultural growth I know will result from being a part of a diverse community of women dedicated to critically engaging with the world.

I am fascinated by the role literature, film, photography, and visual art play in fighting against social injustice both in a historical and modern context. I'm not exactly sure what form this interest will take academically at Duke, but I am confident the process will be exhilarating.

The Nasher Museum, local radio station WXDU, and George Watts Elementary School are where I have spent the majority of my time outside of class this semester.  What I love about Duke and Durham is that there are endless opportunities to become immersed in what you are passionate about, and there is room for these interests to evolve and change.

I am a native of North Carolina, and having traveled throughout the state I would love to share with others North Carolina's wonders. I am an avid film watcher and enthusiast, occasional hiker, developing photographer, traveler of America and other places, and museum fanatic. Being a Baldwin Scholar is both an opportunity and a responsibility; I am energized by the possibilities.