Vanja (Vlahovic) Malloy

As a 2008 alum and a member of the first Baldwin Scholars class my memories at Duke will always remain close to my heart. Through the Baldwin Scholars program I have made truly wonderful friends, women that I know I will never forget; women that I will make every effort to stay in touch with.  Looking back, I realize how large of an impact this program has had on my college experience.  I’ll be honest, when I joined I had no idea what the program really was about. But that soon changed. I became part of a group of strong, intelligent and ambitious women who were there for me when I needed them, and who I grew to love and admire.  In addition to the scholars, Donna Lisker, Emily Klein and Colleen Scott, the core women who made this program happen, were the best mentors anyone could ask for. They provided me with not only their guidance, but just as importantly, their friendship.

Now, several years after leaving Duke I still marvel at how much the Baldwin Scholars program shaped me as a woman and as a friend.  I would recommend any incoming freshman woman to get involved with this program. Baldwin is what made me love my college experience; it brought to me my best friends and encouraged me to pursue my passion in art history.  Life is funny... I never would have guessed that in 2011 I would be in London as a Ph.D. student studying what I love at one of the best Universities for Art History in the world!  I'm so happy that dream became my reality and that I had the support of this program to give me the strength to pursue it.  So if you have the chance, apply and see where it takes you.

Portrait of Vanja (Vlahovic) Malloy