Samia Noor

Hello! My name is Samia Noor and I'm absolutely ecstatic to be a Baldwin Scholar for the class of 2021.

I was born in Los Angeles, California but grew up in the suburbs of Corona (about an hour away from Los Angeles). I have one older sibling, Samantha, and two parents who are immigrants from Bangladesh. In my free time I enjoy cooking, writing, netflix, long naps and makeup!

I went to Centennial High School, where I ended up joining a student-run political organization and found out that politics is where my passion lies. I am a huge believe of civic engagement and advocacy, and I truly believe that by becoming involved in politics I will be able to make a positive difference in our country. I'm particularly passionate about bridging the gender divide in education, marine life conservation, and increasing accessibility to education for low-income families. In addition to political advocacy in high school, I was also involved with several nonprofits. I founded Inland Empire Girl Up, a branch organization of the United Nation's Girl Up that fundraises for girls in third world countries (such as India and Malawi). I was also heavily involved with my city's local United Way chapter, a nonprofit that serves low-income families with educational and support services.

While in California I was able to mold my passions within my city through several organizations, it was my time in my parents country of Bangladesh that was truly formative for my character. During a few of my summers, I would stay in Bangladesh and work at a local NGO (Karmojibi Nari). This NGO advocates for women's rights in the textile and agricultural industry, as well as provides legal and emotional support services for domestic violence and child marriages. By being involved with this NGO and seeing firsthand the gender inequality that permeates the culture of several third world countries, I have realized that women empowerment and combating gender inequality is one of my true passions in life.

At Duke, I hope to continue pursuing political advocacy and women empowerment. I also plan to major in Public Policy and attend law school in the future. And through the Baldwin Scholars program, I hope to develop personally, academically and professionally in a community of talented and empowered women.

photo of Samia Noor