Molly Superfine

Hi there! I’m Molly Superfine, a grateful member of the Baldwin community for ten years now. This network of self-identified-women is an empowering and critical space of intellectual curiosity and rigorous community activism. The Baldwin Scholars group was formative in my time at Duke and beyond.
I am a Doctoral Candidate in Art History at Columbia University in New York City, and I live in Brooklyn. My dissertation is on sculpture and assemblage in the Americas in the 1970s. Right after graduating from Duke, however, I was the gallery assistant, and then assistant director at the contemporary art gallery Fredericks & Freiser in the Chelsea art neighborhood. 
At Duke, my majors were Art History and Spanish. I was involved in the arts scene on campus, which was certainly smaller than it is now. The arts community at Duke has only grown with relentless speed since graduating, and I look at Duke as a brilliant model for universities hoping to invest in the importance of the arts. I worked at the Nasher Museum, which surely set me on my course today. The faculty of the art history department were massively supportive, especially as I was pursuing a somewhat untraditional path for a Duke undergraduate. After my first year at Duke, I participated in DukeEngage: Medellín, which was a stunning experience that introduced me to arts communities outside of the U.S. My next two summers during undergrad consisted of internships in New York City at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and then the Whitney Museum of American Art. 
Please do not hesitate to be in touch should you want to chat Baldwin, Duke, the arts, or anything else! 
photo of Molly Superfine