Margaret Gaw

I am excited and honored to be a part of this incredible community. One reason I was drawn to Baldwin is my experience at my all-girl’s high school, Harpeth Hall. I saw the benefits of being surrounded by curious, passionate, compassionate friends and being confident in my capability to create positive change. I ultimately want to influence people’s lives as a physician and a strong woman leader in the medical field.

I am from Nashville, Tennessee and grew up with my mom, dad, three siblings, and two dogs as well as grandparents and cousins down the street. I am grateful that my family taught me the ethics of working hard and grounding my decisions in my faith and convictions. My grandfather impacted my interest in medicine, as he started a medical clinic in Nashville for uninsured, underserved patient populations. I’m learning from him the invaluable work of empowering marginalized people in healthcare through listening, love, and service.

At Duke, I am involved in research, Honor Council, sports, and Crux.

I love playing the piano, hiking, and reading and writing—I plan to study Literature and Spanish here.

I am restless for adventure, eager for conversation, and driven to learn. I am someone who would choose courage over comfort. I am striving for freedom from perfectionism and satisfaction of my becoming.

If you’d like to talk, please feel free reach out at Thank you for reading the Baldwin site and my profile page!

photo of Margaret Gaw