Eritrea Temesghen

Name: Eritrea Temesghen
[Middle Name: Tesfamicael]
Nickname: Tree (yes, with two e's)
Sign: Scorpio
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Faith: Christian (non-denominational)
Favorite Author: James Patterson
Favorite Song (Currently): WINE - Suran (ft. Changmo)
Favorite Music Genre: R&B
Movie That Left an Impact: A Time to Kill
Correct pronunciation of GIF: soft g (like giraffe)
Favorite Beverage: Apple juice
PB or J: neither, I like nutella
Major: Forever undecided
Interests: Human rights, social activism, the sky
Hobbies: Reading YA novels, casual basketball
Quote I live by: Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth. - Google
Most Precious Memory: Sleeping up to 16 hours a day as an infant.
Favorite Childhood TV Show: Cyberchase
Favorite Color: Pink (preferably a moderately dark shade)
Favorite Superhero: WordGirl, she got me through the SAT
Desired Superpower: Invisibility/Teleportation
Worst Haircut: Bald (summer before I started kindergarten)
Role Model: Malala Yousafzai
Greatest Weakness: Procrastination & Sugar
Greatest Strength: Last-minute essays (*diamonds are made under pressure*)
Greatest Fear: Misplaced vulnerability
Best Comedy Movie: White Chicks
Favorite Commercial: Life Alert
Shoe-tying Method: Bunny ears
Favorite Ice-Cream Flavor: Vanilla
Best Worst Pun: What does a nosy pepper do? Get jalapeño business.
~ If you've made it this far, my apologies. ~

photo of Eritrea Temesghen