Elizabeth Loschiavo

Hi, my name is Elizabeth! I’m from Orlando, FL, but I moved to Durham with my mom permanently this year.

I was raised by a single mother for most of my childhood (shout out to her – I love you mom!) which has had an immense impact on the kind of person that I am. Being my mom’s daughter has taught me strength, compassion, and confidence; her embodiment of those traits provided the best role model growing up – a powerful, independent woman right at my fingertips. The injustices I saw her face as one of the only women in her field of engineering sparked a passion for equality in me, and feminism is a passion we now cherish together. While I’m not sure if I will translate this activism into a career, I definitely want to take Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies courses here. Regardless, advocating for social justice will always be part of my life thanks to her.

Besides gender equality, I am also deeply interested in art history. When I took AP Art History in my senior year of high school, it quickly became my favorite class ever. In particular, I have a soft spot for the Baroque and for pop art (Caravaggio and Roy Lichtenstein are baes), and I look forward to exploring these areas in the future.

For now, I feel incredibly lucky to be here at Duke and even luckier to be a Class of 2022 Baldwin.

photo of Elizabeth Loschiavo