Brianne Connolly

At Duke

Back in freshmen year, I decided to apply for Baldwin because I thought it would be an excellent chance to meet strong, independent women at Duke.. and I was not disappointed throughout my time in the program. Baldwin showed me the various types of people that attend Duke and how to be comfortable with myself as well as other people. I was lucky enough to meet one of my best friends through Baldwin, a friend that will be there for me the rest of my life. I loved the program and everyone I encountered as result of being part of it.


I graduated seven years ago with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Civil Engineering degree with a Certificate in Architectural Engineering. I worked for 5 years after as a civil engineer in Virginia, DC, and California, and even received my Professional Engineering License. On the side, I was running my own small calligraphy business (, which eventually turned into my passion. I have always loved art so I think it was natural for me to be drawn to calligraphy and expand my illustrating into graphic design. In August 2015, I quit my civil engineering job to pursue my calligraphy business full time, and it has been incredible. Of course running my own business comes with lots of challenges, but the independence and satisfaction I get from accomplishing projects on my own and running a successful company far outweighs those obstacles. I'm currently still in San Francisco, working as a business owner/artist, and in between, traveling anywhere I can with my fiance.

Portrait of Brianne Connolly