Alexandria Lattimore

Hello! My name is Lexy and I am a proud member of the Baldwin Class of 2014. I will start by saying that I have a great tendency to ramble. In an effort to control this habit, I will keep this little blurb brief. 

First, I was born and raised in a small very "American-New England-esq" town called Chelmsford, just north of Boston Massachusetts. As a proud Chelmsfordian, I loved attending friday night football games, putting my lawn chairs out three days before the town-wide fourth of july parade and I adored the Christmas tree lighting on the commons of the town center. My mother and I like to think of ourselves as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, embracing our love for town squabbles and local diners. In Chelmsford, I learned the importance of community and family. My family is my world. They mean everything to me and I am so grateful for their continued love and support.

Baldwin is also a family, one that I feel more blessed to be apart of than I can express. The women that I have begun getting to know are some of the most fantastic women I have met at Duke and beyond the walls of this campus. They inspire me daily to be my best self and i admire each of them for their diligence to pursue their dreams and goals. I can say with confidence that applying to this program has been the greatest thing I've done since I pressed submit on my application to Duke. I am ecstatic for the many years to come that I will have the privilege of sharing with these phenomenal women. 

Blessings and Warmth,


Portrait of Alexandria Lattimore