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Camara Wooten

Camara Wooten

     Hey! My name is Camara Angelique Wooten, and I am proud to be a part of the Baldwin Class of 2020. I am excited to be able to connect with a network of inspiring, outstanding, and goal achieving women. Surrounding myself with such a community will benefit me in learning more about their backgrounds while simultaneously developing into a leader myself. As a Baldwin Scholar, I hope to make changes within and outside of Duke's community while inspiring other women to do the same. I am a city girl from Newark, New Jersey. Being raised in a household with my mother and two younger brothers has definitely shaped me. My grandfather was my biggest influence. If it was not for him, Duke would have never been an option. He taught me everything ranging from riding a bicycle to the structure of the socio-economic system. He was and still is the most intelligent man I have ever known. He has inspired me to become a leader and give back as much as I can.

      While growing up, I was always unsure of how I wanted to effect change in the world. Changing the world seemed impossible. The cycle of failure seemed continuous and never-ending. Wars, the ongoing destruction of minority communities, and the inequities women face on a daily basis are only a few examples of problems that are seemingly too intricate to resolve. However, after realizing the capabilities of myself and others, these problems have solutions if we are willing to solve them. The Baldwin Scholars Program, which aims to help women further develop themselves into powerful community leaders and game changers, will help me strengthen my leadership by taking initiatives and not allowing others to hinder my aspirations and ideas.

       Besides my desire to become a community organizer and leader, I have keen interests in medicine, education, songwriting, and music production. While at Duke, I intend on studying Chemistry, Public Policy, and Education. All three subjects will help me pursue a career as an Obstetrician Gynecologist and Gynecologic Oncologist while furthering my interests in urban education policy. Ever since the I was nine, I have been writing and producing music. Every year, I purchase a new composition notebook to write my songs. I relieve my stress through songwriting. All of my problems disappear when I sing them. While at Duke, I hope to record an album and perform at events. Furthermore, Duke offers an interminable list of opportunities that will help me broaden my interests. I began taking action such as serving as a curator for The Bridge and volunteering as a vocalist for Just Listen. Both groups/organizations allow me to not only artistically express myself but learn more about leadership and organizing. As a member of The Bridge, I connect with other women of color who share varying academic and social experiences while at Duke. Just Listen allows me to sing my heart out while helping students share their voices with their communities through spoken word. Just Listen shows me that exposing the voices of students can have major effects on community development.

       So far, my first year at Duke has helped me find myself a bit. Of course, my search is not over. I hope to become a better me, a stronger and efficient leader, and an inspiration.