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Ceren Ebrem

Ceren Ebrem

 “Things are looking up.”

Hi! My name is Ceren (pronounced: Je-Ran), and I cannot wait to begin my Baldwin experience. I am very excited and incredibly proud to be a member of this group of unique, inspiring, and strong women.

I was born in Florida, but my home is Istanbul, Turkey, where I had spent the whole 20 years of my life. As a truly lucky child, I was blessed with a large family that gave me all the love and support in the world. I also have an Italian stepfather that adds a different color to my multicultural identity. Imagine combining Turkish and Italian cuisine: you can say that I had the most heavenly diet in the world.

Being a Turkish citizen made me aware of the larger-scale problems at a very early age. Since I was a little girl, Turkish politics have always been heated. Gezi Park protests, Syrian refugee crisis, the failed coup attempt, controversial decisions of the government, and many, many more… It was impossible to be apathetic. Consequently, I am interested in politics without my conscious decision; I was born into it.

I am currently in Pratt School of Engineering, pursuing my dream of helping the world with an innovation I develop. But at the same time, as a fan of liberal arts education, I want to take more humanities classes, discussion based seminars, and lectures about areas that I have never explored before. I am also interested in psychology, neuroscience and political science. I want to do everything at once, but I have to make a decision soon regarding my academic path.

The over-enthusiastic basketball fan inside me cannot wait for the basketball season! I have been into sports since I was a little girl. I played volleyball professionally in a club team for four years, which taught me a lot about hard work, dedication, ambition, optimism and time management. I am doing my best to use Duke’s wonderful recreational facilities as much as I can.

I have been a bookworm since the age of five; I love reading and writing. Eating is also one of my favorite activities, and I particularly enjoy discovering Durham’s local restaurants. I cook from time to time and try out new recipes. Not to brag, but rumor has it that I make the best tiramisu in the world.

I am looking forward to see how each member of my Baldwin family will grow and change throughout our four years here. Best is yet to come.