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Ji-Hyeun Kwon-Min

Ji-Hyeun Kwon-Min

My name is Ji Kwon-Min, and I graduated from Duke in 2011 with a degree in public policy and women's studies to learn skills needed to formulate and implement effective gender policy. To develop my research skills, I worked for two public policy professors as a research assistant, conducting content analysis on a wide array of topics from the media's portrayal of the 2008 presidential election to the media's portrayal of non-9/11 terrorist attacks. I also conducted two research projects in Nicaragua. I received a SOL grant from the Hart Leadership Program to assess the effectiveness of Grupo Venancia's campaign on adolescents' sexual and reproductive rights. Furthemore, I wrote an honors thesis on the relationship between Daniel Ortega and women's NGOs in Nicaragua. As part of my effort to expand my knowledge on public policy outside of the United States, I also studied abroad at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

After graduation, I decided to join Mathematica Policy Research as a Research Assistant/Programmer to further enhance my quantitative research skills. I was responsible for writing STATA and SAS codes to analyze data for labor, health, and international projects. I also was a project manager on multiple projects, learning about the financial aspect of conducting research projects.

I am now a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) in Madrid, Spain, assisting teachers (English, biology, technology, art, music, and social sciences) at a bilingual school and teaching students about Model UN. I believe that this experience will prepare me for my career in the Foreign Service because I am not just an ETA but also a cultural ambassador.

This summer, I will intern for USUN-ECOSOC in New York City as part of the Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship.

If you have any questions about the foreign service, the Fulbright program, the Pickering Fellowship, and policy research companies, please feel free to contact me.