Duke University | Baldwin Scholars Program

Elizabeth KonKolics

My name is Elizabeth Poe KonKolics. Everyone calls me 'Poe' and my last name has two capital Ks. 

I am from a small town north of Baltimore, MD and live on a horse farm. I am a member of the class of 2011 and an Evoltuioanry Anthropology major. I am invovled in Ubuntu, civic engagment selective living group and I am an RA on East Campus. After graduation I am headed to Memphis, TN with Teach for America. 

The Baldwin program has been a defining experince for me here at Duke. Baldwin is my support network of strong, intelligent, and fantastic women. I feel most like myself when I am around Baldwins and enjoy talking about feminism, Duke, and the world. I have had the opportunity to sit as Chair this past year and it has been a termendous experince. I feel blessed to be surrounded by these powerful women and I am constantly insprired by their leadership and presence. This program has built the leader I am today and I can only wait to see where it goes next.