Duke University | Baldwin Scholars Program

Christiana Oshotse

Christiana Oshotse

 Hi there!

I feel immensely privileged to have been selected as a Class of 2019 Baldwin Scholar. I am so excited to live with and grow alongside such amazing women, and I am thankful for the coming opportunities to be mentored by pivotal female leaders on campus.

I must thank God for all that He continues to do for me as my Lord and Savior. I value my relationship with Christ, and as I continue to seek a deeper relationship with Him, my faith and values have matured, shaping me into a better woman each day.

I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, but I am of Nigerian ancestry and lived in Lagos, Nigeria for five years (ages 3-8). Witnessing the intense healthcare needs of my country is what has ignited my passion to pursue medicine. At Duke, I intend to double major in Biology and Global Health (premed). I'm is also interested in Neuroscience, Computer science, and literature, and I hope to see how my studies can integrate these difference disciplines. I intend to obtain a Masters in Public Health and an MD specializing in either Cardiology or Emergency Medicine.

Aside from the Baldwin Scholars Program, I am a member of the Cardea Fellows Program, Duke UNICEF, a Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholar (at Duke), a dancer with United in Praise, and a Gates Millennium Scholar. It is still so surreal that I attend Duke University. I'm excited to meet amazingly intelligent and talented people from all over the globe and hopes to take full advantage of the opportunity to research, take brilliant courses, get to know Durham, serve my community, and attend Duke basketball games!

Fun Facts: I started at Duke when I was 16 years old! I play volleyball. I love to read and journal (I can spend hours doing it). I enjoy Christian music and Nigerian music. I'm addicted to shopping, styling clothes, and makeup!