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Sofia Caballero Stafford

Sofia Stafford

My grandmother always used to say, “What you have in your head, no one can ever take away from you.” Attending an all girls’ school for a majority of my life with other passionate, bold, and outspoken young women has made me value my education for the confidence it has given me in my abilities to be a difference maker. However, it wasn’t until I learned about the obstacles girls around the world face, that I realized the validity of my grandmother’s words. Education is the most powerful tool for solving our world’s greatest problems, and with the education I am receiving, I feel a sense of responsibility to act and to act boldly. The Baldwin Scholars Community has helped me continue to develop the skills I need to do so and a platform from which to use my voice on campus and beyond. 

I am a senior from NYC double majoring in global health and cultural anthropology with a focus in disparities in adolescent girls' health and development. I hope to pursue a career that combines my passion for global health, girls’ and women’s issues, and story telling. 

 Although I have yet to figure out which direction I am headed after college, Baldwin has given me the confidence to create my own paths here at Duke, and I am excited to explore the endless possibilities. I have really enjoyed getting to know my Baldwin sisters, all of whom who have different stories, diverse backgrounds, and a wide-range of interests, but are bound by our shared belief in the importance of female empowerment and leadership.

In terms of hobbies and other interests, I love reading, blogging and dancing.  From Flamenco to Hip-Hop and Salsa, when there is music playing you can almost always expect me to start dancing.  As a native New Yorker, I enjoy going on walks and exploring new neighborhoods, and I am always on the look out for some good ice-cream or gluten-free goodies! Since starting college, I have a new found passion for cooking an recipe testing.

I also love asking and answering questions, so always feel free to reach out!