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Molly Superfine

Molly Superfine

Hello! I’m Molly. I was born in Berkeley, California, but have lived in Duke’s rival’s territory (Chapel Hill, NC) since I was around two years old.

I adore art, music, cooking, college basketball, chocolate, cozy and rainy days, the vibrant colors of fall, español, traveling, sushi (eel with avocado is my favorite), family, friends, hiking, Birkenstocks and Converses, latkes, biking, photography, bonfires, road trips, The Office, watching my sister dance ballet, the satisfying sound of the click of a camera, my dad working in his woodshop and his never ending passion for life, and my mom’s incredible beauty, brilliance, and ability to be the most outstanding woman I know.

I fell in love with art during a family trip to Italy.  Before this trip, I hated museums and I dreaded the inevitable of my parents always dragging my sister and me to look at art I thought I was capable of making.  But, then in the heart of the Vatican, I had a wonderful movie-like moment.  We were in the Sistine Chapel and I started crying at the immense beauty of Michelangelo’s Last Judgment. My entire perception and interpretation of the world has changed ever since.  And, so, I'm pursuing a career in art! I'm majoring in Art History and Spanish.  I was the intern in the Director's Office at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum & Foundation in New York during the summer of 2011.  It proved to be a brilliant experience, and has confirmed my dream to work in a museum and live in the city someday.

Involvement at Duke:  During the summer of 2010, I participated in DukeEngage: Medellín, Colombia.  It was truly a life-changing experience and I can't wait to go back.  I have continued our project here at Duke, as some of the documentaries we made will be shown in the Latin American Film Festival here in Durham.  I also co-instructed the DukeEngage House Course and sit on the DukeEngage Student Advisory Committee. I'm directing and curating an exhibit incorporating the artwork from friends in Medellín along with our documentaries, scheduled for spring of 2012.  Aside from DukeEngage, I am an employee of the Nasher Museum of Art and a member of Dukes and Duchesses as a student ambassador for the President's office.  I was also a Duke Student Government Senator for Student Affairs my freshman year where I sat on the Student Environment and Sustainability Committee, and worked on developing a strategic plan for the University. I chose to apply to the Baldwin Scholars program because of the unique community it provides.   With this program, I have the opportunity to interact with amazing women to discuss prevalent issues on our campus and in the world. My fellow Baldwins are some of my best friends at Duke. I am so thrilled and grateful to be a Baldwin Scholar!

Ready for the cliché I'll-leave-you-with-my-favorite-quote? Here goes -
“The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.”
Carlos Santana