Duke University | Baldwin Scholars Program

Rajlakshmi De

Rajlakshmi  De

Hi, my name is Rajlakshmi De, but most people just call me Raj. For me, the Baldwin Scholars was an outlet to think and dream big, and to connect with other women to transform my idealistic goals into realities. During my time at Duke, I led backpacking trips through Pisgah National Forest, interned with the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, spent a year abroad in London, wrote op-ed columns, retraced the Freedom Rides with members of the Civil Rights movement, built educational programs in Madison County, NC, and had many other adventures along the way.

Most importantly, though, is that the communities I found at Duke and in Baldwin have encouraged me to find what inspires me and share it with others. In daily conversations, I've found ways to heighten my sensitivity about the world and about myself, and that has stayed constant even after graduating from Duke in 2013.

I now live in New York City and work at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In the future, I hope to work on various projects related to research, policymaking, and entrepreneurship. Feel free to contact me at rajlakshmi.de@gmail.com.