Duke University | Baldwin Scholars Program

Elizabeth Clark

I graduated from Duke in 2013 with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Earth and Ocean Sciences. I am currently working towards my Ph.D. at Yale in the Department of Geology and Geophysics with a focus in invertebrate paleontology. I am fascinated with the extensiveness of life in our world. I am quite intrigued by the speciation of organisms with limited behavioral capabilities, which means that I want to figure out why and how species that don’t behave like we do develop and change over time. I have conducted research on moss, starfish, and protists to date, and hope to do my doctoral dissertation on either starfish or crabs. I am planning on pursuing a career and lifestyle of appreciating and preserving our planet’s species, whether that be through conducting research, working at an aquarium or museum, advocating with a nonprofit organization, implementing corporate policy, or something else!