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Dania Christine Toth

Dania Toth

I graduated in May, 2012 with a double major in Arabic and Public Policy and, thanks to our staff’s unbelievable work ethic and enthusiasm at the Bull Durham Speech and Debate League, with the William J. Griffith award for leadership and service. I now live and works in Sousse, Tunisia’s third largest city, where I’m serving USDS Public Affairs and AMIDEAST running an American Corner, an educational and cultural outreach center and project incubator. When this position’s term is up, I will move to the Tunisian capital to serve as a “free agent” on educational and political projects that interest me, and I could not be more excited about it.

Baldwin is with me wherever I go. My unstoppable, outrageous class of 2012, the directors and teachers, and alumni as well as current Baldwins, are an inspiration to go after what you want, express yourself with clarity and compassion, and relish in an unbelievable spectrum of backgrounds and the emotions, lessons, and new questions that come with them.

Lauren Bacall once said that the best part of living was being exposed to talented, creative people. I look forward to hearing from you! Happy hour’s from 4-7, otherwise, you can reach me at: dania.c.toth@gmail.com. I’m at GMT (+1).