Duke University | Baldwin Scholars Program

Senior Year

Baldwin Scholars come back together in the classroom in the fall for a senior seminar entitled "Women in the Professions." Seniors also enjoy a number of events leading up to their graduation, including a senior dinner and other celebratory occasions.

Women and the Professions Baldwin Scholars senior seminar

The seminar is designed as an opportunity to reflect on women and the professions generally and to prepare students for post-collegiate futures more specifically.  Dr. Stephanie Helms Pickett leads the seminar.  Students will be challenged to take up four sets of questions:

  • How did contemporary American women earn a place in the professions over the past hundred years?
  • What is the current status of women in the professions?  
  • What the are policies, preferences and possibilities before this generation of educated women?
  • What values will guide you as you embark upon this next chapter of your life? How will you show up? How will you learn to trust your internal compass to navigate you through challenge and assist in the navigation of other women?