Duke University | Baldwin Scholars Program

Junior Year

During the summer before or after junior year, the Scholar will complete an academic research project or an internship in a field of the student's choice.  The Baldwin Scholars program will provide a stipend to cover living expenses.

Summer 2017

Class of 2018

Evan Bell – documentary studies independent project: Black Life in Durham

Erin Butrico – Deloitte Consulting in New York, NY

Riyanka Ganguly – USAID in Washington, DC

Samantha Holmes – Goldman Sachs in New York, NY

Sydney Jeffs – academic research in Pratt Fellows program at Duke

Anna Kaul – PBS FRONTLINE in Boston, MA

Chandler Phillips – Young Storytellers non-profit in Los Angeles, CA

Shruti Rao – JP Morgan in New York, NY

Mali Shimojo – Parthenon – EY Consulting in Boston, MA

Amir Williams – Google in Sunnyvale, CA


Class of 2019

Vanessa Agudelo – U.S. Department of Education in Washington, DC

Kelly Chung – Deloitte Consulting in Taipei, Taiwan

Daniela Flamini – El Nuevo Herald newspaper in Miami, FL

Natalie Le – Cameo tech start-up in Chicago, IL

Moreen Njoroge – academic research with Dr. Megan Huchko


Class of 2020

Leila Milanfar – academic research at Andrews Lab at Stanford University