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Girls’ Hub

submitted by Sofia Stafford, Class of 2017

Through Girls’ Hub, an idea generated in Tony Brown’s Social Entrepreneurship in Action class, we began to tackle the gender gap witnessed in Durham High Schools. The mission of Girls’ Hub is to build a community of female high school students, teachers, and Duke students as a mechanism of increasing agency and self-efficacy in ninth grade girls.

We began speaking with the community to better understand both the need and the opportunity. Teachers reported observed low levels of speaking up in the classroom and self-advocating, a lack of exposure to a wide variety of female professionals, and commonplace acceptance of sexist language. Most shocking, when asked to rate female students’ perseverance on a scale of 1-20, 70% of teacher respondents rated female students perseverance at a 7 or below. One young woman, who attends a Durham public school, said, “We all work against each other instead of holding each other up.”

In 2015, we launched the pilot program at Northern High School. Led by five Duke students, a group of Northern 9th graders and 11th graders participated our first Girls’ Hub session. During the session, Girls’ Hub Advocates began to get to know each other and the Girls’ Hub mission and started building a community of respect, inclusion and support. Girls’ Hub will meet biweekly and the curriculum will focus on a different topic related to gender and leadership, culminating with a TEDxYouth@Northern event at the end of the program.

We are excited to have the opportunity to put our idea into action and see where this journey takes us. At the end of the first session, students who were initially apprehensive to participate were striking their power poses and asking when we were going to meet again. This motivates us to continue to make Girls’ Hub the best that it can be!